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Senior Management




Mr. Daren Cenac

 Senior Engineer

Responsible for the management of the preventive maintenance of all mechanical and electrical systems at SLASPA

 Mrs. Grace Parkinson  Director of Information  Systems  Responsible for the overall development and management of SLASPA's information systems and Technology strategy.



Ms. Beverly Dulcie

 Manager - Administration

Responsible for the overall administrative function at the Authority. Provides administrative and logical support to all departments at the Authority.

Mrs. Marcellina Preville

 Deputy Financial  Controller

Assists the Financial Controller in the management of the Finance & Accounting Department

Ms. Kaisher Von Wahl

 Director - Internal Audit

Head of Auditing functions

Mr. Kennedy Francis

 Chief of Ports Police

Has overall responsibility for the security of SLASPA's Plants, Equipment and all cargo and equipment

Mrs. Sharon Narcisse Senior Manager - Human Resources Head of Human Resources
Mr. Adrian Hilaire  Director of Seaports Has the overall responsibility for ensuring that the receipt, storage and delivery of cargo, pilotage of vessels, and the management of marine activities is done efficiently
Mrs. Tina Louison  Legal Officer  Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary
Mr. Christopher Alexander  Director of Maritime      Affairs Responsible for the planning, organizing and directing of all the activities of the Division of Maritime Affairs