Agatha Felicien
Agatha FelicienAirport Manager


George Frederick Lawrence Charles

The George F.L. Charles Airport is Saint Lucia’s regional hub. A true representation of the island’s beauty, upon arrival you will be greeted by the lush green hills and the golden sands of the Vigie beach. The airport is conveniently located about five minutes from the city of Castries making it a perfect and valuable centre for cargo.



Station Code for Air Navigation beacons for HIA


Very High Frequency Omni Directional Range


Very High Frequency Omni Directional Range


Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority


International Air Transport Association
(IATA) Code for GFLCA


George F. L. Charles Airport


Hewanorra International Airport


International Air Transport Association


Airports Council International


International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)
four letter Designator for GFLCA


International Civil Aviation Organisation
(ICAO) four letter Designator for HIA


Distance Measuring Equipment


Distance Measuring Equipment


Radio Navigation (Satellite based)


Caribbean Aviation Safety and Security Oversight System


International Air Transport Association
(IATA) Code for HIA


Our Vision For the Future

The Hewanorra International Airport Project is a USD $175 million investment to re-develop St. Lucia’s international airport into an unmatched operation with significant enhancements to present facilities and major improvements to customer experience.
Project Costing
The Hewanorra International Airport Redevelopment Project is a USD $175 million project that will complement national efforts geared towards positioning Saint Lucia as one of the best in the region
Project Duration

The project incorporates a 30-year master plan for HIA which encompasses three thematic areas with improvements to airside, terminal and road access – traffic management system

Our Mandate

The Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority through it Airport Operations Unit it must ensure that passengers, mail and cargo are efficiently and safely facilitated through the airports.

Airlines are allotted a specific amount of time when operating on an airport therefore passengers are required to check in for a flight at least one hour before the departure time. An airline can cancel your reservation or close a fight if you are not at the departure gate on time. Your reservation may also be cancelled if the boarding call has been made and your baggage has not been checked in even if you have checked in online. We therefore recommend that you check in for all regional flight two hours before the departure time.

The safety and security of airports and seaports is of great significance to SLASPA. In keeping with ISPS code requirements, the Authority’s security is managed by a team of qualified Port Police Officers.


Basis: Maximum take-off weight in the Certificate of Airworthiness.
  • 6, 000 lbs or less - $20.00 per landing
  • 6, 001 - 50, 000 lbs - $3.50 per 1, 000 lbs or part thereof
  • 50, 001 - 350, 000 lbs - $3.60 per 1, 000 lbs or part thereof
  • Above 350, 000 lbs - $1, 260.00 (350 x $3.60) plus $2.90 for every 1, 000 lbs above 350, 000 lbs.

Port Health officers are charged with the responsibility of ensuring, with the assistance of other port health facilities that the health and well being of the country is not compromised.

Please ensure that you are screened and have a clearance of any infectious disease which may be prevalent in your country.

The Customs and Excise Department is responsible for revenue collection, the facilitation of legitimate travel and Border Control Management.