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Vigie Lighthouse

 A panoramic view of the Castries Harbour, Morne Fortune and the Tapion Reef, as well a view of vessels visiting Port Castries, Vigie Lighthouse is an exceptionally unique experience. Built in 1914 the lighthouse was once a guiding light for the French and British soldiers who fought over our beautiful island fourteen times.  Remnants of these battles are still evident at the facility where can view the historic cannons used to torpedo rival ships. 

Moule – a– Chique

The Moule- a – Chique Lighthouse was built in 1912 and is said to be the world’s second highest lighthouse. Its actual height is 740 feet above sea level and is located on the southernmost tip of Saint Lucia. Known for its breathtaking views of the island of Saint Lucia, the locations is frequented by visitors and locals alike. This lighthouse also served as guidance for sailors during World War I and provided assistance in communication during the Grenada revolution.

Vigie Light House
Lighthouse Keeper
Lantern Room
Moule – a– Chique

Light House Restoration Project

We take pride in our Lighthouses because they are of national significance and also one of Saint Lucia’s Tourist Attractions.  As managers of these facilities, SLASPA with the assistance the Saint Lucia Archaeological and Historical Society and the Saint Lucia National Trust is seeking to restore the grandeur of these lighthouses.

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Other Ports Of Entry

We are the Custodians to all ports of entry into Saint Lucia
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