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SLASPA, Feature Sponsors of the Buddy Ambassadors Program

Since its inception in 2018, the Buddy Ambassadors Program has successfully been implemented in over 70 schools. This program endeavors to create a buddy culture that is designed to end bullying and to promote mental health awareness in children and adults. The presentation highlighted Vieux-Fort Infant School’s first-ever Buddy Ambassadors and unveiled the Buddy Bench.

Loverly Sheridan, founder of the Buddy Ambassadors Program, described the initiative as a medium to promote inclusivity for all; “the BA Program is student-led and focuses on the formative years. We believe that the values taught in children during this stage are what they will most likely embrace and act on as they grow.” She further expressed, “we also believe that having children empower each other and be directly responsible for their behavior will affect greater change. With this early intervention program, children will become more responsible, compassionate, and empathetic individuals who will do much good to our communities and the world.”

SLASPA supports Ms. Sheridan’s sentiments and also emphasizes that bullying in its physical, verbal and cyber forms can often have an even more traumatic impact on the victims which in turn can have a ripple negative effect on society.

SLASPA’s unwavering contribution to the ambassador’s program demonstrates its commitment to collaborate with organizations with a shared vision like that of the Buddy Ambassadors Program to tackle societal ills at its earliest stage.


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