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SLASPA Announces Its Scholarship Recipients for 2020


The Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA) is proud to announce its scholarship

recipients for the year 2020, students who were successful in this year's Common
Entrance and CXC Examinations.

SLASPA’s scholarship program is an all-encompassing financial aid, covering
educational costs for students who have excelled at the primary and secondary level
exams. Recipients must maintain a 70% average per academic year for re-attainment.

In recent years awardees were honored during a recognition ceremony hosted by
SLASPA’s Human Resource Department. Scheduled proceedings were canceled this
year following the unprecedented impact of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).
SLASPA’s Human Resource Department expresses that these extraordinary times have
further caused the organization to reexamine and revitalize its approaches.

According to Training and Development Officer at SLASPA, Lisa Hutchinson; “It goes
without saying, COVID-19 has redefined organizations approaches to fulfilling their
Corporate Social Responsibility, but it also creates a unique opportunity to be part of,
and impact communities. SLASPA has always been committed to education, not only
through employee enhancement but the provision of these scholarships to our
employees’ children. We continue to be proud of them.”
The Port Council, management and staff of SLASPA, SLASPA’s Sports and Cultural Club,
and the Seamen’s Union congratulates the achievements of this year’s recipients

SLASPA’s Recipients:
• Samuel Severin - Vieux-fort Comprehensive
• Andrew Charles - St. Mary's College
• Tevin Mathurin - Vieux-fort Comprehensive
• Aungel Augustin – Leon Hess Comprehensive
• Terrick Plummer – St. Mary’s College

SLASPA’s Tertiary Recipients:
• Harvey Pierre - Sir Arthur Lewis Community College

Seamen’s Union Recipient:
• Treyja Clifford – St. Joseph’s Convent

SLASPA’s Sports and Cultural Club:
• Jahneilah Phillips – Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School

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