Our Processes

Registration will commence upon the receipt of all forms and requested documents

  1. Application for Registration
  2. The Declaration of Ownership
    1. Bill of Sale
    2. Customs documentation
    3. Builder's Certificate
  3. Proof of Nationality :
    1. (Copy of Saint Lucian ID card/Drivers License/Passport)     
    2. ( companies a  copy of the certificate of registry)
  4. Deletion Certificate from previous Registry (where applicable)
  5. Proof of insurance (optional for private vessels)
  6. Photo of vessel
  7. Settlement of Prescribe fee

Commercial Activities (Ply For Hire)

Please note that the vessel must first get approval from the Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA). If successful, a license to ply for hire would be issued by SLASPA prior to conducting any commercial activities within the waters of Saint Lucia. This license is renewable on an annual basis subject to a safety inspection from the Maritime Division.

Application form for License to ply for hire should be submitted to SLASPA along with:

• Valid Police record/Certificate(s) of character of Captain/Master and/Crew
• Valid Medical Certificate(s) of Captain/Master and /Crew
• Proof of Certification of Captain/Master and Crew
• Clearance from National Insurance Corporation
• Clearance from Inland Revenue Department
• Clearance from Customs and Excise Department
• Valid Insurance Cover Note
• Copy of Vessel Registration Certificate
• Photograph of Vessel with view from stern
• Photograph of vessel with view of name and registration number

Administrative requirements: 

  1. Application Form for Deletion from registry filled in and signed by the registered Owners or Managers indicating the reason for deletion
  2. Return of the original documentation (Certificate of Registry, etc.)
  3. Settlement of fees for the issue of the Certificate of Deregistration.