Jet Ski Operations

Guidelines and Safety Precautions

  • All operators shall provide each person operating or riding a craft with an approved personal floatation device (Life Jacket);

  • A craft shall NOT be operated from Sunset to Sunrise;

  • A craft shall NOT be operated in weather and sea conditions which may prove hazardous and as determined by the Maritime Division;

  • A craft shall maintain a distance of 100 feet from any divers-down flag, and 200 feet offshore, only approaching the shore in a designated staging area;

  • Embarkation and disembarkation from any craft shall occur only in an area designated by the Maritime Division;

  • In the event of an accident any person operating a vessel involved in a boating accident shall make every reasonable effort to provide aid to the involved persons and report the accident to the proper authorities;

  • Every operator shall render aid, whenever possible to persons in distress at sea.
  • All operators shall wear a shirt bearing the licensed company's or Association official name and logo. All operators must wear the shirt at all times;

  • All operators shall carry the Registration and Safety Inspection Certificate issued by the Maritime Division, which are subject to annual renewal;

  • Follow the navigational rules of the road around all other craft or vessels, including prohibiting wake jumping;

  • Give all anchored or drifting vessels adequate space;

  • Keep away from swimmers, divers and other craft, when approaching shore

  • Plying for hire ONLY after license issued by slaspa.

  • Operators MUST have License in possession and displayed at all times

  • Inspection documents only valid when insurance coverage is in effect.